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About Us

The exclusive enclave of Belongil Beach is Byron Bay’s best-kept secret for those seeking ambiance, uniqueness, and indulgence. Shambhala at Byron, a spectacular oasis that affords total privacy yet is only a few kilometers from the center of Byron. Our chic, modern, and sleekly designed cottages: Samadhi, Sarita, Shiva and Shanti, are elevated within a pristine rainforest setting. One of the few properties in Byron Bay positioned right on the sand, guests are rewarded with majestic ocean views here at the confluence of the Coral Sea to the north and the Tasman Sea to the south.

The retreat is thoughtfully named Shambhala, which in Buddhism means “pure land” or “mythical hidden kingdom”. Part of the mystique and allure of Shambhala is that it is difficult to find, secluded almost at the end of a private road between Belongil Creek and the ocean. Upon discovery, guests are greeted by magnificent temple doors and statues.

Shambhala at Byron Bay
Shambhala at Byron Bay- About us

The wow factor impacts immediately, as eyes, hearts, and minds focus on the massive, beautifully shaped Brazilian amethyst. Amethyst has been used as a gemstone since ancient Egyptian times, and guests who come to experience Byron’s alternative culture will become aware of its healing and protective qualities. The presence of the amethyst is enhanced by many giant rose quartz crystals strategically positioned around the property.

Continuing along the elevated boardwalk, stunning water features begin to catch the eye and calm the senses, while the cottages float within the canopy of trees. With three cottages and one studio each fitted with king and queen sized beds, accommodating a total of thirteen people, Shambhala at Byron provides a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living spaces, all leading to absolute beachfront access.

Unique to Shambhala is the privacy that each cottage affords. Perfect for honeymoon couples, retreats, or birthday and anniversary celebrations, Shambhala transcends all expectations.

Luxurious fully appointed self-contained accommodation with exceptional facilities, such as the giant Steam Room and hot rock Sauna, Shambhala is a sanctuary that has been created to elevate and rejuvenate the senses.

Many visitors to Byron Bay return to discover this hidden kingdom. Those who take pleasure in the balance between lush rainforest and the unspoiled beach can hear the ancient aboriginal spirits whispering through the bush, across to the sea.

Shambhala at Byron Bay- About us
Shambhala at Byron Bay- About us